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Precautions for the use of IGBT modules


Precautions for the use of IGBT modules

1.     Selection Of IGBT Modules

In the case of using IGBT modules, it is necessary to carefully consider which voltage and current specification IGBT modules to choose.

2.  Current Specification


When the collector current of the IGBT module increases, VCE(-) increases, and the resulting rated loss also increases. At the same time, the switching loss increases and the heating of the original components increases. Therefore, according to the rated loss and the heat generated by the switching loss, control the junction temperature (Tj) of the device below 150 (usually for safety, it is better to be below 125), and it is better to use the current collector below this time. Especially when it is used as a high-frequency switch, due to the increase of switching loss and heat generation, it needs to be paid attention to.


Generally speaking, the maximum value of the collector current should be controlled below the DC rated current.


3. Prevent Static Electricity


The withstand voltage of VGE of the IGBT is ±20V. If a voltage exceeding the withstand voltage is applied to the IGBT module, the voltage between the gate and the emitter must not exceed the withstand voltage because of the danger of damage. , please note this. In the case of using the device, if the gate circuit is not suitable or the gate circuit cannot work at all (the gate is in an open state), if the voltage is applied to the main circuit, the IGBT will be damaged. In order to prevent this kind of damage from happening , It is advisable to connect a resistor of about 20kΩ between the gate and the emitter.


In addition, since the IGBT module has a MOS structure, it is necessary to pay great attention to static electricity. Therefore, please note the following points:


1) When using the module, do not touch the drive terminal part when holding the sub-assembly.


2) When using conductive material to connect the drive terminal module, please do not connect the module before the wiring is done.


3) Try to operate when the bottom plate is well grounded.


4) When it is necessary to touch the module terminals, first discharge the static electricity on the human body or clothes before touching.


5) During the welding operation, the leakage between the welding machine and the welding tank may easily cause static voltage. In order to prevent the generation of static electricity, please put the welding machine in a good grounding state.


6) For the container of parts, please choose a container without static electricity.


4. Parallel Problem


When IGBT modules are used in large-capacity inverters and other occasions to control large currents, multiple devices can be used in parallel.


When connecting in parallel, it is very important to make each device flow an equal current. If the current balance is broken, the device that is too concentrated may be damaged.


In order to balance the current in parallel connection, the characteristics of the device and the wiring method should be changed appropriately. For example. It is very important to select devices with the same VCE(sat) in parallel


5. Other Considerations


1) The temperature and temperature of the place where semiconductor components are stored should be kept at normal temperature and humidity, and should not deviate too much. The regulation of normal temperature is 5-35℃, and the regulation of normal humidity is about 45-75%.


2) To measure the surge voltage at the time of opening and closing, please measure at the terminal.

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