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Frequency converter is a device that uses frequency conversion microelectronic technology to realize the function of frequency conversion and speed regulation, and is widely used in various industrial control fields. It integrates current detection, voltage detection, temperature detection and other protection circuits, and has functions such as overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overheating protection, phase loss protection, and short circuit protection. Its principle is through rectification, filtering and inversion, under the control of MCU, using PWM pulse width modulation technology to convert 50/60Hz power frequency power into variable frequency power that requires voltage and frequency to change the motor speed to meet different speeds. application, both energy saving and environmental protection. The inverter part is the core of the frequency converter to realize frequency conversion, and the core of the inverter part is IGBT. Under the control of the MCU, IGBT continuously provides power for the load and flexibly controls the speed of the load. Our IGBT has been deeply cultivated in the field of frequency conversion for more than 10 years and are widely used in the industry.

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