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Company Profile

Qingdao Jiaen Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, a specialized and special new enterprise in Shandong Province, a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, and the first batch of cutting-edge manufacturing enterprises in Qingdao. Design, development, manufacture and sales of high-end semiconductor power devices.

As a new generation of power semiconductor design company, Jiaen masters the core technology of innovative power semiconductors, and has independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. The products independently developed by the company cover 600V~1200V IGBT chips, 500V~1500V MOS chips, and 400V~1200V FRD chips. A total of 23 invention patents and 43 utility model patents have been applied for. Currently, 7 inventions and 30 new models have been authorized. And through the evaluation of a third-party authoritative organization, the company's core IGBT chip technology has reached the international advanced level, and the products are ahead of domestic enterprises in reducing on-resistance, inverter current, especially in terms of reliability.

In terms of market, the sales and service system of Jiaen Semiconductor has completely covered South China, East China and Central China. The products developed by the company are widely used in inverters, high-speed rail supporting facilities, industrial inverter control, brushless motor drives, electric welding machines, electromagnetic induction heating, UPS, car charging piles and consumer switching power supplies. Since its establishment, the company has continuously expanded its product market share, continuously improved its product competitiveness, and continued to increase its market share through advanced product technology, customized product services, and a perfect after-sales service system.

Jiaen Semiconductor will continue to take the social responsibility of "China Chip" as its own responsibility, continue to change and innovate, contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, while further promoting the development process of "China Chip", and strive to create and become China's power A leader in the semiconductor industry, especially the IGBT chip industry.

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