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Jiaen Semi Application-Level Verification Platform


Jiaen Semi Application-Level Verification Platform

Jiaen Semi provides customers with all-round high-quality technical support for deep cultivation of industrial control, photovoltaic inverter, power supply and other markets, and has established an application-level verification platform-metallographic microscope, 371 tester, K coefficient tester, TESEC T3430 dynamic test system, H3TRB high temperature and high humidity reverse bias system, PCT high pressure cooking test chamber, IOL intermittent life test system, HTXB high temperature gate bias reverse bias test system.



It can cover all kinds of silicon-based IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes and third-generation semiconductor device testing capabilities, 2000V/1000A equipment testing capabilities, and meet static, dynamic and reliability testing requirements such as I-V parameters, switching characteristics, reverse recovery, short circuit, etc.



It can simulate the actual application environment of the product, and provide various application verification schemes such as overall machine efficiency test, temperature rise test, short circuit test and overload test.

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