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Application Of IGBT In Variable Frequency Power Supply


Application Of IGBT In Variable Frequency Power Supply


The variable frequency power supply converts the mains AC power into a pure sine wave through AC-DC-AC conversion, and the output frequency and voltage can be adjusted within a certain range. It is different from the frequency converter used for motor speed regulation, and also different from ordinary AC stabilized voltage power supply. An ideal AC power supply has the characteristics of stable frequency, stable voltage, zero internal resistance, and pure sine wave voltage waveform. A variable frequency power supply is very close to an ideal AC power supply. Advanced developed countries are increasingly using variable frequency power supplies as standard power supplies to provide the best power supply environment for electrical appliances and to facilitate objective evaluation of their technical performance. IGBT is one of the core and most important components in variable frequency power supply, and plays an important role indoors.

IGBT plays an important role in variable frequency power supply. Compared with other power electronic devices, IGBT has the characteristics of high reliability, simple drive, easy protection, no buffer circuit, and high switching frequency. High-voltage, high-current, and high-frequency high-voltage IGBTs have been developed and applied to variable frequency power supplies to obtain currents of different frequencies.


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