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About IGBT Module


About IGBT Module

IGBT is the core device of energy conversion and transmission, commonly known as the "CPU" of power electronic devices. As a national strategic emerging industry, it is widely used in rail transit, smart grid, aerospace, electric vehicles and new energy equipment. From the perspective of application scale, China's IGBT market applications are dominated by new energy vehicles, industrial control and consumer electronics, accounting for 30%, 27% and 22% respectively.

IGBT can be simply understood as an AC-DC conversion device. Under the control of the program, the IGBT module realizes the mutual conversion of AC and DC by changing the switch on and off at both ends of the power supply.

Although IGBTs sound high-end, IGBTs are basically found in places where electricity is used, and have been widely used in many fields such as lighting, industry, consumption, transportation, medical care, renewable energy, and power transmission. IGBT can not only help air conditioners and washing machines to achieve smaller conduction loss and switching loss, and realize energy saving and emission reduction; it can also be applied to emergency defibrillators to output 100KW bidirectional vibration from 200V power supply; it can also be applied to solar energy, In the inverter of wind power generation, the direct current of the battery is converted into alternating current.


In the cost structure of new energy vehicles, power batteries account for the highest proportion, followed by IGBTs. As one of the "dual cores" that is as famous as the power battery cell, IGBT accounts for about 7-10% of the cost of the vehicle, and is the most expensive component except the battery.

The IGBT module is composed of layers of different materials such as metals, ceramics, and polymers, as well as silicone filled inside the module to improve device-related thermal performance. Polyphenylene sulfide PPS is a white, hard polymer, a special thermoplastic engineering plastic with good chemical crystallinity, excellent comprehensive performance, and can be used as a high-quality material for IGBT modules.

Under the general trend of international energy conservation and environmental protection, the downstream wind power industry, photovoltaic and new energy vehicles and other fields of IGBT are still developing rapidly, and the demand for IGBT modules is also gradually expanding. The accelerated development of emerging industries will continue to promote the rapid growth of the IGBT market.

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