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Congratulations To Jiaen Semiconductor For Successfully Joining Shandong Semiconductor Industry Association!


Recently, the Shandong Semiconductor Industry Association issued the standing director unit qualification certificate to Jiaen Semiconductor, and Jiaen Semiconductor officially became a member of the Shandong Semiconductor Industry Association.

The official joining of the Shandong Semiconductor Industry Association is an important step in the in-depth development of the semiconductor industry of Jiaen. Since then, Jiaen Semiconductor has been able to dance with industry leaders, share ideas with peer companies, share market resources with partners, and grow together with the industry's most cutting-edge technologies to achieve innovative development.

Based on the present and looking forward to the future, Jiaen Semiconductor will continue to lead by innovation, be customer-centric, and be supported by professionalism, so that Chinese chips can go global.

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