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Good News- Congratulations To Jiaen Semiconductor For Successfully Joining China Electrical Equipment Industry Association!


Recently, Jiaen Semiconductor has joined the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association with its advanced technology level and product services, which is recognized by the domestic industry, and at the same time, it accepts industry supervision and fulfills its due responsibilities and obligations.

We will be able to learn the relevant information of the industry in the first time, keep abreast of relevant policies and trends of the industry, and learn new technologies at the same time, which will help our products and services to continuously fit the market, improve optimization, update and iterate, and provide customers with more cutting-edge of high-quality products. At the same time, joining the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association can effectively participate in discussions and exchanges with members, further improve the skills and management level of Jiaen Semiconductor, and provide technology-leading chips and application solutions to global demanders.

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