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Soldering requirements for electronic components


(1) Resistor welding


Install the resistor in the specified position according to the diagram. The mark is required to be upward and the word direction is consistent. After installing the same specification, install another specification, and try to make the resistors as high and low as possible. After soldering, cut off the excess pins exposed on the surface of the printed circuit board.


(2) Capacitor welding


Install the capacitor in the specified position as shown in the figure, and pay attention to the polarity capacitor whose "+" and "-" cannot be connected wrongly, and the direction of the mark on the capacitor should be easy to see. First install glass glaze capacitors, organic dielectric capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and finally electrolytic capacitors.


(3) Soldering of diodes


Diode welding should pay attention to the following points: first, pay attention to the polarity of the anode and cathode, and do not install it wrong; second, the model mark should be easy to see and see; third, when welding vertical diodes, the welding time for the shortest lead should not exceed 2S.


(4) Triode welding


Note that the three leads e, b, and c are inserted correctly; the welding time is as short as possible, and the lead pins are clamped with tweezers during welding to facilitate heat dissipation. When welding high-power triodes, if a heat sink needs to be added, the contact surface should be flattened, polished and smoothed before tightening. If it is required to add an insulating film, do not forget to add the film. When connecting the pins to the circuit board, use plastic wires.


(5) Integrated circuit welding

First, according to the requirements of the drawing, check whether the model and pin position meet the requirements. When soldering, first solder the two pins on the edge to position them, and then solder one by one from left to right from top to bottom.


For capacitors, diodes, and triodes, the excess pins exposed on the printed circuit board need to be cut off.


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