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What parameters should be attentioned when replacing capacitors


Among components, capacitors can be said to be components with complex types and specifications, especially in order to adapt to different circuits and different working environments, even capacitors with the same capacity and rated voltage have various types and material characteristics. s Choice. If a capacitor fails, the usual solution is to replace it with a new capacitor of the same size. But what if I can't find a capacitor of the same specification


Pay attention to the replacement of capacitors with different properties. For example, if ceramic capacitors and paper capacitors are to be replaced with each other, they must be carried out under the conditions of capacity, withstand voltage and unlimited volume. In addition, we also need to consider the cost of replacement and factor in the price. Of course, if there are no conditions, capacitors with high withstand voltage of the same capacity can replace capacitors with low withstand voltage, and capacitors with small errors can replace capacitors with large errors.


Of course, in addition to the substitution between different capacitors, we also need to consider parameters such as withstand voltage, capacitance, temperature resistance, size, type, etc.


1. If the withstand voltage is different, the capacitor type and other parameters are the same, the high withstand voltage capacitor can replace the low withstand voltage capacitor, and the 450V capacitor can replace the 250V capacitor, and the withstand voltage margin is larger, which is safer to use. One thing to note for the same capacitor, the higher the withstand voltage value, the larger the capacitor size will be. When choosing a high withstand voltage capacitor, we must also consider whether the size meets the requirements.


2. There are many types of capacitors, the common ones are X capacitors, Y capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and ceramic capacitors. The function of capacitors is also different, and even electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors need to be distinguished. Various capacitors are irreplaceable in some applications. For example, the starting capacitor connected to the single-phase AC motor cannot be replaced by ordinary CBB22 capacitors. Try not to replace different types of capacitors.


3. The selection of withstand voltage must leave enough margin. In order to make the capacitor work reliably and stably, the withstand voltage of the capacitor must be greater than 1.5 times of the working voltage. Reveal some unspoken rules of the industry In order to fight the price war, the capacitors of many manufacturers have a virtual standard voltage, such as 630V, which is actually a 400V capacitor.


4. The error range of ordinary capacitors is ±5% (J), ±10% (K). If the circuit has a very low accuracy standard for capacitance capacity, capacitors with different error ranges can be used. If the circuit has a higher standard for capacitance accuracy, only capacitors with small capacitance error can be used.


5. Different stable replacements. Taking CBB22 capacitors as an example, the low-quality temperature resistance can only reach 85℃, and the high-quality temperature resistance can reach 105℃. In order to make the capacitor work reliably and stably, it is necessary to leave a certain margin on the temperature resistance of the capacitor. If the working environment temperature is higher than 60℃, it is best to choose a 105℃ temperature-resistant capacitor. If the circuit temperature is not high, it can be replaced with a different temperature-resistant capacitor.


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