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How to identify electronic components on circuit boards


1. Appearance recognition method

The shape recognition of electronic components is to correspond to the physical object and the name. The purpose is to get an electronic component to know what it is and its circuit graphic symbol.


2. Recognition of circuit graphic symbols

Understanding the identification information in the circuit graphic symbols is helpful for the memory of the circuit symbols, and is also very beneficial for the analysis of the working principle of the circuit. The following points are mainly explained about the identification of circuit graphic symbols of electronic components.


(1) The circuit graphic symbols of electronic components contain a lot of identification information for circuit analysis. The most basic thing is to understand how many pins the component has through the circuit graphic symbols. If the pins have positive and negative polarities, there are also various expressions in circuit graphic symbols.


(2) The circuit graphic symbols of components have the characteristics of visualization, and each stroke or symbol of the circuit graphic symbols expresses specific identification information.


(3) The letter of the circuit graphic symbol is the first letter of the English word of the component. For example, the transformer is represented by T, which is the first letter of the English Transformer.


3. Pin identification and pin polarity identification

The pins of many electronic components have polarities, and the pins can’t be substituted for each other. At this time, it is necessary to identify the pins and the polarity of the pins through circuit graphic symbols or physical components.


There are two types of pin identification and pin polarity identification methods: one is the identification of circuit graphic symbols, and the other is the physical identification of electronic components.


The above is the introduction of component identification on the circuit board. Due to technical, production and manufacturer reasons, the same electronic components will have different shapes, structures and materials, so we need to learn as much as possible, which will be of great help in the future.


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