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Comprehensive optimization of IGBT chips realized in China


Comprehensive optimization of IGBT chips realized in China

Transistor relay devices - IGBT chips are widely used in AC to DC control systems, new energy vehicles and industrial inverters, and are an important part of the modern power electronics industry. my country has made great progress in the field of IGBT chips in recent years. On the basis of the original technology, through comprehensive optimization and innovation, the performance and reliability of IGBT chips have been significantly improved.


First of all, my country has carried out continuous improvement of chip packaging and manufacturing processes, and innovated in materials, manufacturing processes and assembly technologies, thereby improving product reliability and life. For example, technologies such as low-temperature baking varnish, trace element doping, and specific-shaped gold poles are used in the manufacturing process to improve the high-voltage resistance, voltage damage resistance, and corrosion resistance of the wafer.


Secondly, my country has strengthened the structural design and simulation analysis of IGBT chips, optimizing the distribution of power resources and losses. Through system simulation analysis, a more optimized IGBT device and circuit structure is designed, which improves the performance and efficiency of the chip. Major breakthroughs have also been made in reducing chip size and increasing integration. For example, small-size IGBTs are the most widely used silicon-blocking device, and their main features are low energy consumption, high speed, and strong short-circuit resistance.


Finally, my country's IGBT chips also have strong application innovation capabilities. In the field of application, my country's research institutions, universities and enterprises have carried out extensive cooperation, cultivated a large number of talents and technical talents in the field of power electronics, and provided solid technical support for the practical application promotion and popularization of IGBT chips. For example, my country has launched a series of new electric vehicles and new energy logistics vehicles using IGBT chip technology, which has greatly enhanced the development and competitiveness of the domestic new energy vehicles and logistics industries.


In short, my country has made remarkable achievements in the comprehensive optimization and innovation in the field of IGBT chips. These achievements have provided solid support for the development of my country's power electronics industry, and at the same time let us see that relying on technological innovation and personnel training, my country will have greater room for development in the high-tech field.


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