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Qingdao Jiaen Semiconductor Co., Ltd. And The School Of Physical Sciences of Qingdao University Signed A Cooperation Agreement And Held The Unveiling Ceremony Of The Undergraduate Teaching Practice base


On the morning of September 3, 2018, Qingdao Jiaen Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and the School of Physical Science of Qingdao University held a school-enterprise integration event in Conference Room 401 of Boyi Building. Wang Pilong, general manager of the company, Huang Guojun, secretary of the party committee of the School of Physical Sciences, Teng Bing, dean, Zhou Zhiqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee, and other relevant personnel from both parties attended the event.

At the meeting, Wang Pilong and Huang Guojun jointly unveiled the "Undergraduate Teaching Practice Base of the School of Physical Sciences", and Teng Bing and Wang Pilong signed the agreement on "Jointly Build the Undergraduate Teaching Practice Base of the School of Physical Science of Qingdao University". Extensive and in-depth discussions were held on the development and manufacture of new-generation chips, and the incubation of research results.

After the meeting, the general manager of the company Wang Pilong gave an academic report entitled "Chip: A War without Gunpowder" for teachers and students of Qingdao University. The report mainly introduced the development process and major events of global semiconductors, and analyzed the current chip field in my country. challenges and opportunities encountered. A total of more than 40 students from all grades of the Department of Materials Physics listened to the report and conducted exchanges and discussions on semiconductor technology innovation and the development of China's chip industry.

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