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Good News: Congratulations To Jia En For Becoming An Expert Workstation For IGBT Semiconductor Chips In Qingdao!


Recently, the Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a letter of appointment for the inbound expert of the Qingdao IGBT semiconductor chip expert workstation to our employee, Comrade Zhu Wenhui. At the same time, Jiaen Semiconductor officially became the Qingdao IGBT semiconductor chip expert workstation.

This time, it officially joined the Qingdao IGBT semiconductor chip expert workstation, leading the innovative development direction of Jiaen Semiconductor. Accelerate the transformation of achievements, promote the innovation and development of Jiaen, optimize the talent team, and improve the ability of independent innovation. Take the initiative to undertake the important task of "China Core" to establish a large market, promote localization, and drive the cluster industry chain.

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